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airVata Device FAQ's

What is the airVata made of?

The material is 3D printed polymer tested for biocompatibility so patients can enjoy a metal-free comfortable device.

Who should get an airVata?

Anyone who wants to breathe better during sports. Anyone who clenches, grinds, has jaw pain, snores, has jaw clicking or popping with or without headaches. So, every patient visit is a screening visit for airway and breathing health because it begins with the mouth.

How long should someone wear the airVata?

A patient should wear the airVata for as long as prescribed by their dentist and as long as it fits as part of the treatment plan. Enjoy the airvata - when it is well taken care of it will last.

How do patients wear the airVata?

For daytime, the lower can be used as a TMJ splint or sports guard to support jaw position. At night time, you can wear just the lower or add the upper for better snore prevention. The triangular elastics are attached by the button attachments on the side. Adjust how you wear the airVata based on your comfort level.

What are the benefits the patient gets?

Patients who have an airVata custom made by their Dentist can enjoy relief from jaw pain, clenching, grinding, jaw clicking, popping and even snoring relief. Expect to have a gradual improvement with continued use over 3 months. Patients may also enjoy reduced cavities, added tooth protection from broken teeth, and other health improvements related to sleep and jaw tension.

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