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Certification Program FAQ's

What does the getting started certification program cover?

airVata certification walks you through what you need to know about TMJ anatomy, function and disfunction, Dental Sleep medicine with sleep physiology, and how orthodontics plays a role in improving breathing, health and wellness. You will learn the order of operations in airway first treatment planning that yields the best results for the patient based on their chief complaint and treatment objectives. This is a team-driven, team-focused approach so that by the end of the certification milestones, you will have the education, implementation tools and a 'good-for-most' solution to use in your practice.

How to I bill the airVata?

While the majority of providers do a fee-for-service approach with airVata, the code to use is D7880, a guard with medical necessity treating TMJ dysfunction. For reference, you can click here:

What kind of support will I get?

LEARNING: You have access to go-at-your own pace learning material and can reference how-to's even in the lab software. LAB: The lab software will give you real-time updates of where cases are and when to expect them. Should you have questions or get stuck, our support line is open during business hours. [1-888-427-7671]. CASES: Each month there is a live-virtual case review. Doctors and teams from all across North America join Zoom and discuss a case presented and have opportunity to bring your own. You will never face a challenging case alone having access to faculty mentors and treatment planning support.

I understand there is a membership, what does it cover?

90 Days after Certification Enrollment, an optional monthly membership covers access to monthly case reviews, member-rate lab fees ($115 discount), team training refreshers as needed (should you have turnover), and the ability to be an ambassador and faculty mentor. If you choose to opt-out of the membership please allow 30 days written notice to adjust back-end settings.

Is there CE?

Yes, based on your Certification experience (Live in person, or live virtual) See your trainer for details.

Do I need to hire more people in order to implement?

No, airVata workflow is designed to fit into existing Dental workflow

What is the patient experience like with airVata?

When a patient has snoring, clenching, grinding, clicking or popping jaw joints or even wants to sleep better, do better in school/sports, the patient qualifies to receive an airVata. The patient then completes screening forms such as STOP BANG and EPWORTH forms. This provides you the documentation and hints to help you identify the problem you are solving. To get fitted for an airvata experiences 3D digital impressions.

How do I order an airVata and how long does it take to get it back?

The Lab needs an upper/lower and specified bite. You are instructed how to get the best result and instructions on the bite in your certification training. The ongoing case reviews and training refreshers help to know how to adjust what kind of bite to take with various types of patients. Lab turnaround time is no more than 2 weeks.

How soon can I start treating patients?

We want you to start a case within the first 2 weeks. in week 1 you'll begin making a patient list and set up a pipeline of patients

How do I start - you are here

You start by meeting with a member of the leadership team to learn about what stage in your learning you are in. If you are advanced, a member of our team will gauge what resources you need to get started. Once placed in the appropriate starting place, you will receive a lab login with instructions on how to begin.

When are the case review calls?

Monthly live-virtual case reviews are on the 3rd Friday of every month at 10am EST. Once enrolled, you receive invites to those sessions. Mastermind style FAQ sessions and posistion specific topics are covered on the 1st and 3rd Fridays at 12pm EST

What is the on-demand material like?

The On-demand learning covers the 7 key things you didn't learn in Dental School tht you need to know in order to screen and treat patients with sleep related breathing disorders with Dental solutions. airVata is not the only solution out there, nor should it be. The on-demand learning walks you through how to make the best treatment decisions for your patient and even covers when you would not use the airVata during our case reviews.

What does certification cost?

airVata certification is $4995 with education in TMJ, airway/sleep, with orthodontic applications. If you are and advanced practitioner there are programs specific to your needs. This is why we ask you meet with a member of our leadership team to help guide your certification in a way that best suits your needs and goals.

Can I please get a link to the curriculum that we are paying our 2500 for?

Click here to view. Items are at regular price.

You get online access to:

1. Research/Resource Library with research articles and screening documents.

2. Step-by-Step Position specific team workflow

3. TMJ exclusive content

4. TMJ, Airway/Sleep education with an overview how ortho comes into play5. Workflow mastermind calls/FAQ sessions and live case reviews

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Is it a one time viewing type deal, or can we refer back to it over and over?

It is designed to go back and review - we update the information regularly based on current research and as we get new content.  AirVata applications are not static.  Patient selection is dynamic as it is used as a good-for-most. The case reviews and workflow masterminds/FAQ sessions are golden.

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Are there marketing, and patient facing pieces to help us with conversion, and advertising?

When you register, you get a welcome kit with workflow material, Patient instruction booklet, device insert postcard and a posters.  AirVata is in the review process with the FDA for the purpose of being used to treat sleep apnea more intently (for offices doing medical billing).  We have material ready to distribute about apnea treatment as soon as it is approved. For now, it just talks about snoring for compliance purposes.

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I know this product helps with TMD, is this the case regardless of the etiology of the dysfunction, or is this just by fiat as we are treating the airway issue with the device?

This is where the majority of the discussions lie.  Many times apnea patients cannot tolerate devices because it wakes up dormant TMD.  When you have a patient with active TMD, airVata allows healing and provides support as an orthotic - also helping to prevent the jaw from falling back at night. Underlying airway issues are often a causative agent of TMD.  This is where the training goes into detail with protocols and use applications.  The case reviews teach the process in detail.

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For our 2500 dollars do we get a sample device to allow the patients to put hands on it?


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If we decide to sidestep medical insurance all together, what are most offices in this case charging for the device?

The range of fees is $1800-$3000. The majority of providers do not bill medical insurance.

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Clinical FAQ's

There are so many sleep courses, how is this different?

This is a program that consolidates what the Dentist and Dental Team needs to know about sleep related breathing dissorders. We love that there are so many programs to choose from. Our faculty members and course creators have been treating airway for a very long time. What makes this course and experience different is that a solution is tied to the education so that you have a tool to implement rather than learning for the sake of learning. We want you to continue learning. Many teams come to us with other knowledge and courses while some are just getting started. Any experience level is a candidate to offer the airVata and learn about the many use case scenarios that lives can be changed.

Does the airVata cause bite changes?

Many patients have a bite that may or may not be helping them breathe. Bite changes can occur when you do not use a morning repositioner or AM Aligner. In the Certification and case reviews we train you on how to make a morning repositioner/AM Aligner and what you can expect when you want bite changes.

Device FAQ's

What is the airVata made of?

The material is polymer approved to go in the mouth. It is slightly flexible when cold but when dipped in hot water for 20 seconds, it becomes more flexible for a comfort fit. The material needs cared for and can loosen over time. As long as it helps keep your lower jaw from falling back at night, the material is working well.

Who should get an airVata?

Anyone who wants to breathe better during sports. Anyone who clenches grinds, has jaw pain , snores, has jaw clicking or popping with or without headaches.

How long should someone wear the airVata?

Someone should wear the airVata as long as their treatment provider indicates. The airVata use is monitored by a Dentist. Please consult your provider.

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